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Watercolour Brush Calligraphy: Bounce Lettering

$95 /pax

Duration: 3 Hour

Time: 2pm- 5pm

Venue: Bukit Batok West Ave 6, Singapore


Number of pax per session: 4

Ages 8 years & up


Ready to level up your brush lettering game?

In this creative workshop you’ll learn how to create whimsical bounce lettering using a brush with watercolors!


From basic tools, drills and alphabets, simple watercolor illustrations and combining both skills together visually, you’ll soon have a new skill and tons of inspiration to style your lettering projects.


What you’ll get (and keep!):


  • 3 hours of easy and fun step-by-step instructions

  • Your very own brush lettering supplies which includes a handout, 2 watercolour brushes, a watercolour palette filled with quality paints, 1 x practice watercolor.

  • Plus 1 A6 watercolor paper for your ‘graduating’ masterpiece.


Registration closes 3-days before the date of the workshop.

Register now!


Don’t take my word for it.

Read what students have to say about the workshops

Ayden Lee

Watercolour Brush Calligraphy: Bounce Lettering

The practice papers given were very useful and taught me more about calligraphy. The brush provided was very unique as I thought that calligraphy could only be done with brush pens ,markers ,pens and pencils, but it opened up a new perspective for me that calligraphy can also be done with water colour. The entire activity was very fun and educational at the same time, allowing me to enjoy the lesson while learning something new.


Watercolour Brush Calligraphy: Bounce Lettering

The workshop was great, my kids had great fun learning with Nafisah who is very patient to them. It’s a great kick-start for their interest in calligraphy. Highly recommended.


Watercolour Brush Calligraphy: Bounce Lettering

Nafisah is patient. The workshop helps me to find my own style.