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Business Registration Number:  53398098D

Duration: 3 Hour

Time: 2pm- 5pm

Venue: Bukit Batok West Ave 6, Singapore


Number of pax per session: 4

Ages 8 years & up


Ready to level up your brush lettering game?

In this creative workshop you’ll learn how to create whimsical bounce lettering using a brush with watercolors!


From basic tools, drills and alphabets, simple watercolor illustrations and combining both skills together visually, you’ll soon have a new skill and tons of inspiration to style your lettering projects.


What you’ll get (and keep!):


  • 3 hours of easy and fun step-by-step instructions

  • Your very own brush lettering supplies which includes a handout, 2 watercolour brushes, a watercolour palette filled with quality paints, 1 x practice watercolor.

  • Plus 1 A6 watercolor paper for your ‘graduating’ masterpiece.


Registration closes 3-days before the date of the workshop.


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1 March | Watercolour Brush Calligraphy: Bounce Lettering

  • Registration closes 3-days before the date of the workshop.

    All workshops are non-refundable unless it is cancelled.