Spread your own brand of positivity and cuteness with

our lettering and art workshops

Art isn’t scary at all.


 In fact, it’s the most fun way to tap into your creativity.

Even though you have ‘terrible handwriting’ or don’t see yourself as an ‘artsy’  person, don’t worry!


The workshops are designed with you in mind. It’s so beginner friendly that soon you’ll be telling yourself, “Oh wow! I didn’t know I could create something so pretty!”


But don’t take my word for it. I’ve taught over 511 students of all ages and have helped them discover their creative side.


Students Testimonials


Introduction to Modern Calligraphy with Brush Pens

Enjoyed the lesson and learnt a lot! Nuffypuffy is a motivating teacher! Still applying what I’ve learnt till today! Great investment!


Watercolour Brush Calligraphy: Bounce Lettering

The workshop was great, my kids had great fun learning with Nafisah who is very patient to them. It’s a great kick-start for their interest in calligraphy. Highly recommended.

Zi Feng

Beginner Watercolour: Floral Monogram

It is a good entry workshop to learn about watercolour.


And now, I’d love to help you find your tap into your creativity so that you too can start spreading your own brand of positivity!