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About Me 


Hi I’m Nafisah!

A Disney lover and a fan of all things cute. I’m also an illustrator with a mission to bring unexpected smiles and laugh-out-loud moments by overloading people with cute cat illustrations and pawsitivity.


I remind people of the little joys in life and how they too, are capable of spreading positivity by giving thoughtful, puny and cute gifts to their loved ones.

Especially in a world where we send greetings by texts and live a too busy life.


Whether it’s something they bought in my shop or a custom illustration, there is nothing like the heartwarming joy of seeing a loved one smile and laugh.

Nuffypuffy in numbers


Smiles Made


Taught Students


Chinchilla & Kitty Assistant


Cats Drawn

How did this all begin?

It started with a scrapbook I was making for my husband. The stickers you find in scrapbooking stores weren’t just vibing with me and were too expensive. All they had were boring stuff like “Love”, “Smile” and “You’re the best!”. I wanted Disney quotes and punny sayings like “I be-leaf in you” accompanied by cute characters. So I decided that I was just going to write it myself but of course I wanted to write it all out in beautiful handwriting, I took up a brush calligraphy and watercolours!


Soon I was making these personal greeting cards for everyone I knew, no matter the occasion. My amazing friends were the one to push me to start selling my greeting cards online and Nuffypuffy was born in August 2017!

Need a smile or laugh?

These might just be what you’re looking for.


Gift someone with a smile


Binge watch the

YouTube Channel


Let me help you make what you exactly you want 

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