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What have I been up to?

Well, I started a full time job as an Art Teacher at a studio. Timings are a little hectic but I try to squeeze in a few sketches and illustrations during my free time.

This job started a little bit tough. But as I kept going, the kids brings light to my job. They are silly little humans. Tons of stories were told and mostly getting to know them.

It has been 3 months and kids come and go. I do get a little sad but I think they would do amazing in life.

Wow I use a lot of "buts" hahaha. Anyway, here are some art works I had to teach the kids. I'm also happy that I can use my crafting skills during the job.

Oh also, I broke my 2 years of no covid streak. I got it early October. It wasn't too bad and felt like any other sickness. Lasted about week. After effects was being a little nasal and occasionally coughing and sneezing. I did hate the blocked nose.

Anyway, drop a the comment if you have any questions! Also, I'd like to keep the studio's name a secret if you don't mind :)

Stay safe and have a pawsome day!

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