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It's been a while

Yes, it's been a while since I wrote on my wonderful blog. In Singapore, due to Covid-19, we are having this thing call the Circuit Breaker. We have to follow strict rules like,

  • wear a mask when going out

  • keep 1m distance apart

  • Don't visit friends or family members in another household

  • No dining out. Only takeaways

  • Only essentials are open

Above it all STAY AT HOME!!!

The virus, I believe is airborne and it's best to just be at home. Embrace the free time that we never had. Take tons of naps, make room for self care, watch the movies you wanna watch or maybe pick up a new skill. I have tons of crafts set aside that I need to finish. Can't wait to start on them.

Anyway, please take care and drink plenty of water. Stay safe and stay pawsitively awesome 😁

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