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Where it all started

I love crafts and always have been. Back in school I was obsessed with animation in which I pursued and graduated with a First Class Honors degree in Animation Art. After working with Double Negative for 3 years, the company closed down and I had to rethink to which path I would like to head to. As a desk bound job didn't help me with the craving of creativity. After moving from job to job, I decided to try out freelance and open my business.

Nuffypuffy was born! I didn't know if I am doing things right with the business. It was a very longgggg journey. With many trials and error, after almost 2 years, I have finally agreed on what I want my business to focus on. And that is....


I have to admit, no matter how hard I would like to walk away from drawing cute stuff, it always end up in my sketch book. I finally cave in and let it be what it is. So, be prepared to be overloaded with cuteness in my shop and maybe learn a thing or two from my blog. Leave a comment if you have any questions :)

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